Biologic Institute is a non-profit research organization founded in 2005 for the purpose of developing a new approach to biology. Thanks to technological advances, the life sciences have become very effective at acquiring facts. What they need now is a theoretical foundation that makes sense of these facts. Some still claim that Darwin’s theory does just that, but the ongoing struggle to make sense of genomic data (for example) indicates otherwise.

Scientists affiliated with Biologic Institute are working from the idea that life appears to have been designed because it really was designed. That’s a hypothesis, not a theory, and while it obviously has huge philosophical implications (made even more huge by the the fact it appears to be correct) it doesn’t do much for biology if left at that.

It may prove to be the gateway to big discoveries, though, if interested biologists are allowed to work from that starting point. The science establishment has proven its opposition to this time and time again, but the truth is that no one will know how much the design-centered approach will benefit biology until the doors are thrown wide open for people to pursue it.

Our role as an organization is to assist those who can tackle this challenge now and to grow the number who can continue that work by introducing future scientists to the field.

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Here are answers to some common questions:

Q: I’ve heard of intelligent design, but the conflicting things I’ve read about it leave me confused. What is it?

A: We gave a simple definition above. Intelligent design is the idea that life appears to have been designed because it really was designed. Things get more complicated quickly when you begin to unravel the implications of that idea, or when you ponder the questions it raises. The worldview implications make the idea controversial, which explains why you’ll find both favorable and unfavorable takes on it. We suggest that you understand how its proponents describe it before you decide whether its opponents have really refuted it.

Biologic Institute’s position on the intelligent-design controversy is described in more detail here.

Q: Are contributions to Biologic tax deductible?

A: Yes. We operate in the US as a charitable organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

Q: Where do you get your funding?

A: Most of our funding has been in the form of grants from Discovery Institute, a larger non-profit with an experienced fund-raising team. We also receive direct donations from individuals.